Next month’s Team Orlando Industry Capability Day presented by National Center for Simulation will feature 15 companies who specialize in a variety of areas like e-learning solutions, pyrotechnic effects, virtual technologies and medical. The event is scheduled for March 9 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and takes place in Partnership 3, Room 321 (3039 Technology Parkway).

Industry Capability Day is a great way for businesses with new or upgraded innovative products or services to share those with the Team Orlando workforce, as well as fellow industry members, creating wonderful opportunities for collaboration, networking and discussion. Here is the current line up for next month’s event.

3D Simulations

Industry Capability Day participant - 3D Simulations Inc

3D Simulations provides 3D printing (additive manufacturing with fused deposition modeling) in a wide variety of plastics tailored to meet strict specifications as required by the Defense Modeling and Simulation industry. We provide professional 3D printing and modeling using the newest available machines and technology to achieve high tolerance parts. Our machines can 3D print with layers less than half as thick as a sheet of paper. If that high of a resolution is still too rough for your application, our advanced post processing methods will create a smooth exterior surface.

Our specialty is in the area of rapid prototyping of fully functional parts for various military and commercial simulations applications. Our regular customers particularly value the significant cost savings provided by shortened lead times and high tolerance specifications accurate for testing form fit and function.


Industry Capability Day participant - Adobe

Adobe Reimagines eLearning, making it faster and easier to deliver, exchange and measure knowledge across communities.

The next wave of digital learning solutions should be driven by the learner experience. This is more akin to how online retailers market products and services – so we’ll be marketing “knowledge.” There is much we can borrow that is considered our ‘future’ and their ‘present’— digital marketing’s focus on the experience is the crystal ball. Online retail experiences have been redefined / reimagined and disrupted the status quo of a trillion-dollar market. From shopping, to booking a flight, or entertainment – our behavior, expectations, and vocabulary have changed by an improved experience. We binge watch TV (and stay up later than we should); we expect free, same day shipping; and we arrange transportation with a mobile app – all because of efficient and personalized experiences. Experience Driven Learning (EDL) recognizes how similar the digital marketing sector is to that the eLearning. Concepts such as social, community interaction and deep analytics are directly applicable to eLearning. By augmenting traditional “pass / fail” metrics with social tracking, more insight is gained on what is working, not working, and where the gaps are.

AVT Simulation

AVT will feature the Apache Gunnery Trainer.

Keeping our military personnel trained on the latest equipment and concurrency upgrades is an ongoing challenge. AVT Simulation’s lean and agile development processes allow us to provide training aids and devices to meet demanding schedules and requirements. Instructor stations, after action review, battle master controls and distributed training capabilities can be added to create an optimal learning environment.

Founded in 1998, AVT Simulation is an Orlando-based, end-to-end systems integration and full-service modeling and simulation small business. Since its inception, AVT’s highly specialized staff of engineers has included some of the top leaders in the simulation industry. With an average of over 20 years of simulation experience, our dedicated staff provides specialized solutions for customers requiring on point solutions to complex problems.

CAE Healthcare

CAE Healthcare focuses on medical simulation/screen based VR.

CAE Healthcare is a medical simulation company with a mission to improve healthcare education and patient safety. We design and build products for patient simulation, surgical simulation, ultrasound simulation and clinical simulation management. Our global adjunct faculty and clinicians develop medical simulation scenarios for medicine, nursing, health sciences, hospital systems and the military.


DiSTI will feature the UH-72A Lakota Maintenance trainer, a 3D helicopter maintenance trainer built for U.S. Army and currently fielded at WAATS in Arizona.

Doron Precision Systems

Since our establishment in 1973, Doron Precision Systems, Inc. has remained the global leader in design and production of driving simulator systems for training and assessment purposes. We are proud to have delivered over 25,000 driving simulators to over 3,000 client sites in 60+ countries.

Doron’s corporate headquarters, located in Binghamton, NY, is the leading provider of land vehicle simulators in the world and has sold more land vehicle driving simulators than all of its competitors combined. Doron offers a broad line of off-the-shelf, proven, state-of-the art, cost-effective systems for the training of Novice, Law Enforcement, Emergency Vehicle, Commercial Truck, Military, Bus and Mining vehicle drivers.


Digital Solid State Propulsion Inc.

Digital Solid State Propulsion, Inc. will be showing their eSquib.

Military training commands are under constant pressure for more environmentally safe pyrotechnic effects, while the need to use even more realistic effects on bases continues to increase. DSSP has adapted Missile Defense Agency, Small Business Innovative Research program satellite propulsion technology to new battlefield effects. The electric solid propellant (ESP) based devices cannot be ignited by flame or shock, and only ignite with electrical power. The devices can be integrated across numerous training platforms or training scenarios using a combination of live, virtual and constructive inputs. eSquibs® are tiny devices that can be placed virtually anywhere and are nontoxic, containing no perchlorates, lead, or PETN.

Engineering and Computer Simulations

ECS will feature the latest VR medical simulation capabilities with the VIVE VR Medical Demo.


Featuring: Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT), sonomarc Radio Simulation, direct link interface (DLI) and the DIS Packet Analyzer (DPA) VAADR

PLEXSYS Interface Products, Inc., is a 100% employee-owned small business, specializing in modeling and simulation systems and support services for 21st century Air, Land, and Sea synthetic training. PLEXSYS concentrations include the development of Live Virtual Constructure (LVC) environment generation technologies used throughout USAF Distributed Mission Operations and other joint and international high fidelity simulations. PLEXSYS also provides superior mission briefing and after-action-review technologies, as well as comprehensive LVC synthetic communications training solutions.

Nova Technologies

Nova Technologies will feature Physion Visual System.

This is the product that integrates the Havok technology used in gaming and film into a physics-enhanced,  CIGI-compliant Image Generator for military simulation and training.


SimBlocks LLC will feature Simulation SDK, a game engine integration into simulation systems.

SimBlocks provides software products and services to technology integrators in the field of Modeling and Simulation. We are located in Orlando, Florida, which is the world epicenter of the Modeling, Simulation, and Training (MS&T) community.

At SimBlocks, our capabilities include software development, custom application programming, and testing. We specialize in game engine integration into simulation systems. High level programming languages such as C++ and C# can be used to create new applications or enhance existing products. Our engineers have experience working on several leading game engines and a variety of simulation systems.


SimiGon will feature training and simulation content development software.

SimiGon is a fast-growing company with vast experience in providing modeling, simulation & training solutions to customers worldwide. The company’s partners include government and blue chip organizations as well as small businesses.

SimiGon is altering the MS&T world landscape with SIMbox technologies. The highly agile SIMbox platform can be used to create simulation content of any type and for any purpose. With the user friendly SIMbox Toolkit for simulation content development, SimiGon is focused on enabling non-programmers to rapidly create simulation content.

SimiGon’s SIMbox simulation platform is leveraged for a multitude of domains ranging from training and simulation and air combat debriefing to homeland security and entertainment.

Soar Technology

Soar Technology, Inc. will be featuring artificial intelligence in simulation-based training.

At SoarTech, our focus is in the development of intelligent software that reasons like humans do, to automate complex tasks, simplify human-machine interactions, or model human behaviors. Our philosophy is three-fold: to be an augmentation to, not a replacement of, the human; to think “top-down, not bottom-up;” and to be transparent so that decisions and processing are communicated to the human and in human-like terms.


Spear, Inc. (Spear) is an information technology and professional services company focused on data analytics, cybersecurity, cloud-computing and infrastructure solutions. Spear’s primary technology partner, Splunk, provides multi use case solutions in support of the company’s focused areas of business. Splunk’s powerful platform solves cybersecurity, IT operations, application management, IoT, business and web analytics problems. Splunk is a data driven tool that allows for the searching, indexing and reporting from all machine generated data.

SynDaver Labs

SynDaver Labs will feature the SynDaver Synthetic Human.

SynDaver Labs designs and builds the world’s most sophisticated synthetic human tissues and body parts. Our SynDaver Synthetic Human bleeds, breathes, and employs hundreds of replaceable muscles, bones, organs, veins and arteries – all made from materials that mimic the mechanical, thermal, and physicochemical properties of live tissue. This validated technology is used to replace live animals, cadavers and even human patients in medical device studies, clinical training and surgical simulation.

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