NSIN Hirethon

The National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) Hirethon team will be present during the 2022 North America Championship and Programming Camp (NAC-NAPC) at the University of Central Florida from May 26 to May 31.

The NSIN Hirethon is an accelerated recruitment program that connects STEM talent with Department of Defense (DoD) organizations seeking candidates for civil service.

The NAC-NAPC competition attracts students highly talented in algorithmic programming from all over North America, making it a fertile recruiting space for organizations looking to hire qualified candidates, to include the Department of Defense (DoD).

The NSIN Hirethon team will represent DoD components and share candidate information free of charge, but components must commit to sharing updates on individuals selected for interviews and subsequent offers.

Hiring organizations must be part of the DoD, actively recruiting for government positions, and must sign up for the Hirethon no later than May 13.

For more information, go to https://www.nsin.mil/hirethon/ or contact program manager Farid Nemri at fnemri@nsin.us.

About The National Security Innovation Network:
NSIN is an unrivaled problem-solving network that adapts to the emerging needs of those who serve in the defense of national security. The organization offers programs and services that connect innovators across communities that might not traditionally cross paths. By combining problem-solvers from different kinds of communities, NSIN creates powerful and unexpected effects.

Photo Credit: NSIN Hirethon

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