Adaptive Learning, NTSA Webinar

Wednesday, July 20, the National Training & Simulation Association (NTSA) is hosting a webinar on the current state of adaptive learning. NTSA defines adaptive learning as “highly tailored learning experiences that address each learner’s unique needs” while using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to “provide personalized learning paths, real-time feedback, resources, and assessments for students based on their current skills and performance”.

A highly qualified group of individuals will discuss topics such as the adoption of adaptive learning across the Department of Defense (DoD), the unique applications and challenges surrounding adaptive learning, and more. Speakers include Janet Spruill, SVP Government Programs, Aptima, Inc.; Jill Wierzba, Ed.D., CPTD, Program Lead, Solutions & Technology Group, SAIC, USAF Pilot Training Next; Bob Sottilare, Ph.D., CTO, SoarTech & Chairman, Adaptive Instructional Systems Consortium; and Michele Harrison, Deputy Director, Strategy, Innovation, and Voluntary Education (NETC N5), USN Naval Education and Training Command (NETC).

“The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed yet,” said Bob Sottilare, quoting the American fiction writer William Gibson.  According to Sottilare, while the technology for adaptive training is present and functional in the present day, it is not fully accessible or practical yet in daily use. He said that organizations should consider investments in adaptive training technology based on its proven track record. “But there must be evidence of a significant ROI for your organization to make that investment worthwhile,” he noted. “The ability to identify evidence of learning, train more efficiently, optimize learning for individuals and teams, and evolve course content based on learner feedback and assessment results are good places to start.”

Spruill said, “The current one-size-fits-all training models are not keeping up with the rapid evolution of technology and the dynamic nature of the 21st century battlespace”. Spruill elaborates, “With recent developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud-based data management, adaptive learning systems are now poised for wide-scale implementation across the military. I am very encouraged to see a ground swell of interest as the military services move to implement adaptive learning and deliver personalized training to every Warfighter.”

Registration for the webinar is open and free to all who wish to join. Further information on this event and future webinars is available on the NTSA website with registration available up until the event date.

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