By Terri Bernhardt

adlGreen_03There is a new director in the house and things are moving rapidly in innovative directions, good directions that require a 5-10 year vision. Mr. Frank DiGiovanni, a member of the Senior Executive Service and Acting Director, Readiness and Training Policy and Programs, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Readiness), The Pentagon, Washington, D.C., takes the reign as Joint ADL Jo-Lab’s new leader. Within a few weeks taking the position, Mr. DiGiovanni has started the process to advance ADL to the next level. A level that focuses on experimental learning, enhances performance in adaptive learning environments, one that teaches students to think, by modifying the old framework that has worked so well over the past 10-12 years. The successfully built infrastructure will move from maintenance mode to further expanding interoperability through research and development, while answering these questions: Are we meeting your needs? Would you adopt these concepts? “Our new strategy fits into what the other government agencies in DoD are doing,” stated Dr. Kristy Murray, Director, Joint ADL Co-Lab. “What is exciting is the buy-in from the other services. There are many discussions and strategies taking place for short and long term execution. Everyone is in sync and we are fortuitous about the way things are going.”

The Joint ADL Co-Lab is splitting into two parts: 1) the Future Learner: breaking down parts as to how they will learn, 2) the Future learning environment: find the most productive way to learn. This new approach, called the “Personal Intelligent Tutor” will allow the system to really know the student. To react before the learner reacts anticipating their needs. Additionally, the new technology not only benefits the warfighter, but other candidates, as young as six years old. For example, 85,000 Department of Defense Educational Activity (DoDea) students will be trained on this system in the next year. These young apprentices will become recipients of state-of-the-art learning in remote places around the world. It has been determined that 20% of these students will end up in DoD jobs someday.

The Joint ADL Co-Lab employees are collaborating with other Team Orlando members such as: Defense Acquisition University (DAU), the Army’s Simulation Training & Technology Center (STTC), Army Research Institute (ARI) and the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Simulation and Training (UCF IST). Demonstrations and features will be showcased this August at ADL’s annual event, Implementation Fest, held in Orlando, Florida.

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