By Leslie Spotswood, ADL Initiative

ADL_Logo_2013-320X202The much-anticipated Learning Solutions Conference is next month in Orlando, Florida, and a lot of focus will be on the Experience API (xAPI), an open source specification developed by Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative. The xAPI lets users capture and store (big) data on human performance, along with associated instructional content or performance context information (i.e. learning experiences).

On Tuesday, March 15, the day before Learning Solutions kicks off, there will be an xAPI Camp hosted by our friends at Making Better. The Camp provides an opportunity to introduce participants to xAPI and a variety of use cases, and lets them mingle with a community of peers who are also interested in tracking formal, informal, and operational learning experiences.

At the Learning Solutions Conference, March 16-18, there will be multiple presentations by members of the Learning Science & Technology community on xAPI, analytics, and Learning Record Stores (LRS), including a presentation by ADL’s Senior Instructional Designer, Peter Berking, titled “Choosing a Learning Record Store.”

An LRS is a key component of the xAPI architecture; it is the application interface for storing, accessing, and visualizing the data about learning experiences, activities, and performance.
In Berking’s session, participants will learn:
● How an LRS works
● Why an LRS is necessary for the xAPI
● The range of possible product features
● A rationale process for choosing the right LRS

The ADL team is looking forward to attending the Learning Solutions Conference and is excited that as the xAPI matures, the community behind it continues to grow. If you are interested in learning more about how xAPI can help your organization, make sure to attend this conference!

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