Team Orlando-JTIEC-OBW-Playbook_update_1110-1One of the premier events at I/ITSEC 2015 is the Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) special event on the floor, “Operation Blended Warrior,” which focuses on developing a virtual environment for live virtual constructive simulations for training, but from the perspective of what it takes to put it together. Announced as a multi-year, annual LVC event at I/ITSEC, NTSA wants to showcase industry modeling and simulation capabilities, in conjunction with Department of Defense M&S capabilities, but more importantly, use this opportunity to collect data on challenges that arise during the exercise.

Operation Blended Warrior begins on Monday, Nov. 30, when the world is shocked as it watches the country of Balboa endure a Black Swan type of natural disaster. Relief organizations, and a coalition force led by the United States, swarm to the area in support. Throughout the week this storyline prompts several scenarios that could be possible events stemming from an event of this magnitude.

Attendees are encouraged to follow the story through numerous events, which highlight a wide variety of air, ground, maritime, medical and cyber LVC capabilities constrained to I/ITSEC confines, as well as insights into the number, degree and priority of challenges encountered. I/ITSEC bags will have more details regarding each of the 15 vignettes, and attendees can view the activities in the OBW booth (#339) or in the booths of the numerous participants.

The scheduled events can also be found on the “Team Orlando at I/ITSEC calendar” on the Team Orlando website.

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