Program Executive Officer for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation, Major General Jonathan A. Maddux (left), and Lieutenant Colonel (Promotable) Chris Todd (Photo by Doug Schaub)

On April 8, PEO STRI activated the Joint Project Management Office for Medical Modeling and Simulation (JPMO MMS) and established a provisional program manager to oversee the office. Army LTC(P) Chris Todd stepped into the role. JPMO MMS is intended to:

  • Support the services’ shared clinical training requirements through acquisition of medical modeling and simulation capability.
  • Standardize Military Healthcare System (MHS) medical modeling and simulation capabilities and centralize life cycle management.
  • Serve as the single transition office for Medical M&S Science and Technology into developing MHS programs of record for medical modeling and simulation.

Learn more about the JPMO MMS in the May issue of the Team Orlando 10-4.

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