PEO-STRI--Feature-Size---Team-OrlandoPEO STRI will be busy in several booths at this year’s I/ITSEC.

Booth #1233 will feature Field OPS, International Program Office, LEAP Award, PM ITTS, Virtual Target Army Model Exchange, UH 72A, and the small Business Office.

Booth #629 will feature PM ITE, JPMO, Squad Overmatch, Casualty Care Combat Training, and Army Games for Training

FY14 Squad Overmatch Study Final Report 09-30-2014Squad Overmatch, the winner of the 2016 Team Orlando Collaboration Award,  will be in Booth #629, with hardware and video displays. Tuesday at 12:30 pm, in their Fort Benning squad will begin the live portion of Operation Blended Warrior (OBW) conducting an urban mission in the exhibit hall.

This is an open invitation to witness the operations order being given to the squad and follow them on their mission, culminating in a multi-domain Tactical Casualty Care event back in booth 629.  The live squad will also be supplemented with two virtual squads.
If you choose to watch the exercise unfold from a single location, an embedded war correspondent will follow the squad and a mix of live and virtual real-time events will be displayed at the OBW seating area.

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