PEO STRI, Army Modernization
PEO STRI recently launched its Army Modernization Exchange platform to streamline customer relationship management, project management, and a host of other business functions. This platform allows industry members to submit white papers for capabilities that may fit requirements and serves as a database for future potential opportunities.
The primary focus of the portal is to quickly capture contact information and industry engagements for potential PEO STRI solutions and disseminate the information to the appropriate personnel.
1.      The portal affords vendor product and capability submission to numerous decision-makers and stakeholders simultaneously
2.       Submissions are archived for future reference
3.       Leverages the Government Cloud at an Impact Level 4 accreditation
4.       Portal is network and device agnostic and mobile friendly
The Integrated Cyber Operations Network Control Center (ICON C2) is the managing organization, and the POC is Mr. Kevin Goepferich who can be reached at or 407-256-3979. Please feel free to reach out to Mr. Goepferich directly if you have any questions about the portal.

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