ORLANDO, Fla.- The U.S. Army Program Executive Office Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) revealed its new logo, branding color scheme, command coin and tagline on June 14, the U.S. Army’s birthday.


With its 20th anniversary being later this year, PEO STRI wanted to make sure its branding reflected the changes in its mission and the direction Army simulation, training and instrumentation is headed. Rather than wait until its 20th anniversary to launch rebranding efforts, the organization decided to do it in conjunction with the Army’s 248th birthday.


PEO STRI’s new branding logo has updated text and lettering to a more modern font to show its digital transformation. The organization moved away from the traditional Army black and gold with various shades of blue and gray. Blue is a calm color that represents trust and intelligence. Gray is a mature color, representing professionalism and responsibility. The combination of the two colors represents PEO STRI’s highly skilled and professional workforce of Soldiers, government civilians, and contractors.


Its new tagline “Advancing Today’s Training. Defeating Tomorrow’s Threats” represents who PEO STRI is and what it does. PEO STRI is preparing soldiers for a future battlefield through advanced training.


The new command coin design highlights the Army and Soldiers it supports, depicts the digital transformation and worldwide impact the organization has on military training and simulation, and features the Army’s core values. The back of the coin represents PEO STRI’s affiliation with the Army’s Acquisition Corps as well as the Army civilian and military leadership team.


PEO STRI’s entire portfolio is a strategic effort to help build the Army of 2030 and design and plan for the Army of 2040. This means PEO STRI is focusing on the future, not the past. The future includes rapid changes in technology, digital transformation, unified architecture, speed of development and fielding, expansion of space and cyber capabilities, and multi-domain operations.


“PEO STRI is going to play a major role in the Army’s future, and our official logo and branding should reflect these changes,” said Ms. Karen D.H. Saunders, SES, program executive officer for PEO STRI. “I feel confident that our new logo and tagline reflect not only our critical mission, but also the high caliber of people who work here.”


For more information, contact PEO STRI Public Affairs at usarmy.orlando.peo-stri.list.public-affairs@army.mil.


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