Program Manager for Training Systems Col. Luis F. Lara (left) and Project Manager for Soldier Training Col. Cory N. Berg renewed a memorandum of agreement between Program Manager for Training Systems (PM TRASYS) and Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) on Sept. 14, 2021. The goal of the ongoing partnership, which began in 2009, is to promote joint interoperability and maximize reusability of existing Army Live Training Transformation product line core assets and Marine Corps programs to reduce acquisition costs and risks associated with Army and Marine Corps Live Training programs.

“I have had several opportunities in previous assignments to work on programs that benefit more than one service and it is always rewarding,” said Berg. “Knowing that two services working together to obtain products, services and capability is the best benefit for taxpayers by achieving efficiencies in contracting, management and price breakpoints. Col. Lara is an outstanding leader to work with and supportive of all collaboration activities between our offices. COVID has made collaboration a little difficult, but we are working through that and the signing of this document confirms our commitment to working together for years to come.”

“It gives me great joy to sign this memorandum with Col. Berg, PM Soldier Training, publicly as an open display of our organizations’ continual behind-the-scenes collaboration,” said Lara. “As agents of public trust, we must maximize taxpayer dollars. This relationship enables us to leverage our limited resources in a mutually beneficial manner as good stewards of the limited resources we are afforded.”

Photo provided by PM TRASYS/PEO STRI

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