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The U.S. Army’s Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation conducted a subject matter expert (SME) review of its sophisticated One World Terrain (OWT) software on with representatives from Fort Bliss, Texas, on April 9.


The review gathered feedback from the SMEs’ reference database by demonstrating an early version of the Fort Bliss runtime terrain and showcasing the capacity of the OWT training system. This critical evaluation, conducted by knowledgeable experts familiar with the terrain and the operational requirements of the training area, proved invaluable in providing accurate and comprehensive terrain data for our warfighters.


OWT is a sophisticated 3D capability designed to replicate the physical earth and the complexities of various operational environments. Its primary objective is to provide an immersive training experience that mirrors real-world conditions, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of training exercises and ultimately increasing the readiness of our troops.


Capt. Jared Grace, OWT assistant project manager (APM) stated,” The Army’s quest for readiness and effectiveness in a rapidly evolving operational landscape has led to the development and implementation of groundbreaking technologies. Among these, One World Terrain (OWT) stands out as a revolutionary capability poised to transform training methodologies and elevate the preparedness of our warfighters.”


One of the key focal points of OWT’s deployment is the provision of this cutting-edge capability to numerous training areas, including Fort Irwin, Fort Johnson, Fort Cavazos, Fort Bliss, Fort Campbell, and Fort Novosel, with plans to expand its reach to encompass more training areas across the globe.


In June of 2019, OWT began this significant step forward by awarding a contract to a renowned company specializing in terrain automation, to develop and enhance the OWT software. This partnership represents a synergy of expertise aimed at further refining OWT’s capabilities and advancing its functionality to meet the evolving needs of the Army.


Looking ahead, OWT aims to extend its current Other Transaction Agreement (OTA), with plans for a follow-on production OTA to be executed immediately thereafter. These strategic timelines reflect OWT’s commitment to continuous improvement and its proactive approach to ensuring the sustained availability and effectiveness of its capabilities for our warfighters.


“Success on the battlefield starts with training,” stated Lt. COl. Jonathan Hathaway, product manager- Common Synthetic Environment (CSE). “With new technologies increasing the complexity of our environment and only a finite number of resources available when it comes to available schedule and training funds, it is more important now than ever before to ensure that the training realism is the best we can make it. The One World Terrain program is focused on taking realism to a whole new level by replicating the battlespace with high fidelity to improve overall realism in the simulated environment.”


One World Terrain represents a paradigm shift in Army training methodologies, offering a transformative capability that enhances realism, immersion, and effectiveness in training exercises, revolutionizing the way our warfighters train and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow’s battlefield.


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