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  • Shelley Mitchell

    Senior Vice President, General Manager

    C² Technologies

    Meet Shelley Mitchell
  • Dolly Oberoi

    Chief Executive Officer

    C² Technologies

    Meet Dolly Oberoi
  • Shawn Hart

    Director for Cybersecurity

    Cybernet Systems Corporation

    Meet Shawn Hart
  • Kevin Gregoire

    Chief Operating Officer

    STS Federal

    Meet Kevin Gregoire
  • Janet Spruill

    Senior VP, Government Programs

    Aptima, Inc.

    Meet Janet Spruill
  • Shane Taber

    Chief Technology Officer

    Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS)

    Meet Shane Taber
  • Mick Golson


    Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS)

    Meet Mick Golson
  • Ed Stadler

    Vice President Engineering


    Meet Ed Stadler
  • Tom Seland

    Vice President of Operations


    Meet Tom Seland
  • Roland M. Gaddy Jr. (Ron)

    Director of Army Programs

    Qualis Corporation

    Meet Roland M. Gaddy Jr. (Ron)
  • Brian Holmes

    Vice President Business Development


    Meet Brian Holmes
  • George Cheros

    President and CEO

    National Center for Simulation

    Meet George Cheros