Special submission from PM TRADE

201608_army-lt2-team-2016Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) is celebrating the Army’s recognition of one of its programs. PEO STRI’s Project Manager Training Devices (PM TRADE) had the winning submission for the Non-Enterprise, None-Gated project, “Live Training Transformation (LT2) Product Line FY15 Post Deployment Software Sustainment Cost Avoidance”.

The Lean Six Sigma Excellence Awards Program (LEAP) Process Improvement Award presentation will be hosted by the Under Secretary of the Army this afternoon (Sept. 14) at the Pentagon in the Hall of Heroes from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Mike Dillon, lead for the project, said, “This was a value engineering effort that surpassed the award criteria for nomination. The team is pleased to be selected and recognized for the outstanding work and dedication to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our programs, and we look forward to the continued success of the LT2 Product Line.”

“The objective of the Consolidated Product Line Management Next contract is to provide the managed evolution of the Live Training Transformation (LT2) Product Line core assets to provide product line support across all facets of the life cycle for LT2 product teams,” explained Dillon. “The purpose is to ensure compatibility, commonality, and interoperability with current and future LT2 Product Line elements and systems, and to maintain this compatibility throughout the life cycle.”

In creating a solution, maximizing component reuse has proven to reduce fielding time and minimize programmatic costs, while enhancing training benefits afforded to the Soldier. The LT2 Product Line has generated a considerable return-on-investment within PM TRADE’s live training portfolio and realized significant cost avoidance for the Army across development and sustainment.

PM TRADE implemented Second Generation Product Line Engineering (2G PLE) approaches to consolidate the LT2 product baselines using variation management and an integrated, feature-driven software product line factory approach.

“With the Consolidated Product Line Management, the 2G PLE paradigm was introduced, by which products are created from a feature-driven product line factory, generating all variants of products and programs from a consolidated set of core assets,” said Jeremy Lanman, acting product lead for training devices (PL TRADE). “This eliminates the uncontrolled growth in complexity management and allows us to move beyond trying to keep up with all the current product issues, and to focus on the evolution of the LT2 Product Line.”

This incremental approach incorporates state-of-the art automated software tools and processes, management dashboards, and software product line technology, all while protecting the investment in the existing LT2 core assets.

Overall, the LT2 Product Line has generated a significant return-on-investment in FY15 within PM TRADE’s live training system acquisition portfolio, generating $23,905,111 in cost avoidance across the sustainment for live training systems, to include Combat Training Centers Instrumentation Systems, Home station Instrumentation Training Systems, Digital Range Training Systems, Test and Training (ATEC/OTC), Embedded Training, Squad Overmatch, and Live Fire Target systems.

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