PIT-RADWAR S.A., one of the leading suppliers of professional electronic equipment for the Polish military, has purchased several additional FLAMES premier runtime licenses to be delivered to the Polish Ministry of Defense.


Ternion’s FLAMES products have been used for several years to train American forces, and continue to do so with recent task orders made earlier this year by the Air Force and the Marine Corps. FLAMES products have also been purchased by Taiwan’s military, as well as other American allies in NATO, such as Greece, Turkey and the U.K.


The Polish military previously purchased FLAMES runtime licenses to support the PSR-A Pilica, which is described as a very short-range air defense system. The proximity of the war in Ukraine has proved how important this type of technology can be to the nation. In addition to the FLAMES purchase, the Polish Defense Ministry recently awarded two major contracts to boost their short-range air defense capabilities.


“Given current events, this is an important point in history for Poland, Europe and the NATO alliance overall,” said Brad Spearing, Ternion president and FLAMES product manager. “Poland has an unfortunate history of invasion and occupation by foreign powers, which has made the Poles especially motivated to keep that from happening again. We’re proud that the Polish Defense Ministry sees the value in FLAMES products to realistically prepare Poland’s warfighters against any threats to their sovereignty and freedom.”


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