Milpitas, CA – June 8, 2023 – Quantum3D, based in Silicon Valley, CA, and Orlando, FL, a renowned developer, and manufacturer of real-time visual simulation systems, is excited to unveil the latest advancements in its industry-leading image generation software, MANTIS.


Quantum3D has consistently pushed the boundaries of real-time visual simulation technology for over 26 years for military, commercial, space, aerial firefighting, air ambulance, eVTOL, air mobility and other applications. MANTIS has been well-established in the visual simulation and training industry for air and ground vehicle training systems. It has been continually updated with new features, capabilities, and performance improvements over this period.


The forthcoming release of MANTIS, version 4.1.2, promises to raise the bar even higher. Among the highlights of new features and improvements are:


• Ease of use improvements to GUI.
• Added multi-channels composition capability for PiP and blending of sensor channels with different wave bands.
• Added automatically generated taxiway surface signs to the Global Airport plugin.
• Added ability to render custom symbology and CIGI symbology in VR/MR channels.
• Improved support for Varjo blend masks on mixed reality (MR) channels.
• Improved appearance of volumetric clouds.
• CDB terrains: added support for host controlled intensity modification of self lit geometry, e.g. for taxi and runway signs.
• Improved light map compatibility with models built with 3DSMax.
• Multiple bug fixes and performance improvements.


About Quantum3D


Quantum3D, Inc. is a leading developer and provider of simulation and training products, as well as the technology that drives them. This Silicon Valley company serves a wide range of training markets, including flight simulation, land, and other vehicle training, and maintenance training. For more information, contact us at or


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