Serious Games

The Serious Play Conference, a leadership gathering for professionals in game-based learning, will take place at the University Central Florida from June 13 to June 17, 2022.

The conference revolves around “serious games,” a gaming subgenre that focuses on educational outcomes, not entertainment. Presentations and discussions at the Serious Play Conference center on the application of game-based learning, and provide information on the creation, use and implementation of gameplay to several industry demands. Tracks offered at the conference are relevant to training and education professionals in (among other industries) the military, government, corporate/non-profit sectors, education and healthcare.

Serious games represent a growing industry. Allied Market Research (AMR) estimated the serious games global market at $5.94 billion in 2020 when schools shut down in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which increased the demand for serious games. AMR now projects the serious games global market to reach $32.72 billion by 2030.

Sue Bohle, a former high school teacher, was a public relations and marketing professional when she was approached to promote a game designed to help school children learn mathematics. The idea of incorporating video game elements to educate appealed to her and she launched the Serious Play Conference as its executive director in 2009. The conference now attracts speakers and attendees from all over the world to share their knowledge and experience on serious games.

Conference attendees who are satisfying a training requirement can receive a certificate for 20 hours of training. For more information, go to:

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