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xAPI-logo-graphicNeed a crash course in the Experience API (xAPI)? Wondering how you can use this exciting new technology to enhance distance learning? The ADL Initiative will host a free, three-day workshop at its Orlando ADL Co-Lab facility in June to update the local distance learning community about progress that’s been made on the Training and Learning Architecture (TLA).

Day one (June 17) of the workshop will be dedicated to those wanting an introduction to what the xAPI can do and where it fits in the big picture of the TLA. Days two and three (June 18-19) will be hands-on working sessions for xAPI adopters and those participating in the current xAPI Design Cohort.

For Day one presentations, the emphasis will be on practical aspects of using the xAPI to describe and inform learning experiences beyond typical course completions. Implications for SCORM and learning design will be discussed. Bring your xAPI questions and concerns for ADL’s experts.

Space is limited at the Co-Lab, so registration will be on a first come, first-served basis. (Day one attendees will be invited to observe Day two and three activities if space is available.) Sign-up details will be shared in the May edition of 10-4 and at www.

Please contact ADL with your questions.

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