Semiconductor ecosystem.

SUSS MicroTec SE, a leading manufacturer of system and process solutions for the semiconductor industry, continues to strengthen its presence in Central Florida with the addition of its hybrid bonding all-rounder XBC300 Gen2 D2W/W2W platform to fabricate equipment capabilities in NeoCity, a 500-acre, master-planned technology district in Osceola County, Florida.


The XBC300 platform is located in the Center for Neovation, a 109,000-square-foot microelectronics fabrication facility owned by Osceola County and operated by SkyWater Technology. Planners designed the facility to be flexible and adaptable with opportunities to accommodate a variety of partner-funded semiconductor manufacturing research and development activities. Leveraged by its partnership with BRIDG (as well as previous tools acquired by Osceola County), SUSS MicroTec established a production-level application center in 2019 for North American customers to access breakthrough innovations while providing the Center for Neovation with state-of-the-art equipment for processes as varied as advanced lithography, nanoimprinting, temporary bonding/debonding, and permanent bonding.


An EDA Build Back Better Regional Challenge grant awarded to Osceola County and its partners funded the acquisition of this new tool, with SkyWater Technology providing a 20% match. The fully integrated platform enables wafer-to-wafer (W2W) bonding, as well as collective and sequential die-to-wafer (D2W) hybrid bonding, to strategically expand capabilities in advanced system integration and packaging. The new 200 mm/300 mm compatible system will primarily support state-of-the-art W2W and all D2W requirements in the scope of public-private and government-funded projects.


“The addition of SUSS MicroTec’s next generation hybrid bonding cluster enables a complete range of automated bumpless assembly D2W/W2W capabilities, fulfilling our industry need for a universal heterogenous integration tool to support future product manufacturing,” said Dr. John Allgair, BRIDG chief technology officer.


Both D2W and W2W hybrid bonding have become more important for 3D integration to address the slowdown of two-dimensional scaling associated with Moore’s Law. Hybrid bonding, as an extension of conventional fusion bonding, is a key technology enabler for the future heterogeneous integration market in terms of advanced 3D device stacking, e.g., for next-generation memory or demanding system-on-chip applications.


“The addition of the universal heterogeneous integration cluster XBC300 Gen2 D2W/W2W provides our customers with a big head start in the market by making cutting-edge hybrid bonding technology available for demonstration and evaluation in a real production environment,” said Gary Choquette, general manager SUSS MicroTec Inc.


“We look forward to adding the equipment to fabrication capabilities at the Center for Neovation as we continue to grow the semiconductor ecosystem in Osceola County and take advanced 3D integration to the next level,” said Jay Galbraith, president of BRIDG.


BRIDG is a nonprofit, public-private partnership that specializes in advanced system integration and packaging of next-generation microelectronics production process technologies.

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