Orlando-based Serious Simulations, founded by U.S. Army veteran Chris Chambers in 2014, is celebrating 10 years in the simulation and training industry. The company is also using the occasion to showcase its new company facility, which recently opened for business.


The company has persevered with many years of innovation, invention, and hard work to achieve its successes. Originally developing VR based human motion training systems for dismounted infantry and sports athletes, the company originated a variety of training related intellectual properties.


Amongst their innovations was the concept of instrumenting real weapons for use in simulators. Their patented intellectual property covers all instrumentation of real weapon operable components for use in simulation. Their instrumentation packages have been produced for several government agencies.


Another patent was issued for intelligent proximity munition simulators for use in live force-on-force training. The resulting smart grenades and Claymore mines are now being developed for the U.S. Army in the Synthetic Training Environment Live Training Systems (STE LTS) program.


Other intellectual property extends to instrumentation of real indirect and direct fire weapons for use in force-on-force training, where no solution existed. Serious Simulations developed a Percussive method that uses live primers or blanks combined with instrumentation to interface with a live training architecture. This method is being developed with its prime contractor partner on another STE LTS contract.


Other patents have included Active Shooter Response technology, low latency wireless video transmission methods, and simulation interfaces and controls.


The company is also pioneering a new non-laser tracking system for use in marksmanship simulators, co-developing with a key long-time partner company. The tracking technology is being developed for the U.S. Army’s STE Soldier Virtual Trainer (STE SVT) program, for which Serious Simulations has been a key technology subcontractor.


A graduate of the UCF Business Incubator in Research Park, the company grew from one room to four suites and recently needed drastically more space. Their new facility at 5707 Dot Com Court, has an efficient mix of administrative, high bay, and lab space.


Serious Simulations is a Class 10 Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL), and their new facility has been upgraded for high level security and will soon be certified by the Department of Defense.


The company would like to invite its many friends and associates in the Orlando simulation and training community to join them for a fun social event with food, drinks, games, and remarks by key individuals on May 16 at 4 pm.

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