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Shojiki Consulting recently announced its launch of Small Business Support as a Service (SBSaaS), a unique subscription-based menu of fractional core office support services for small government contractors.

This innovative new business model was developed by Shojiki’s founder and owner, Michael Ferree, a certified Program Management Professional (PMP), after spending over twenty-five years supporting small businesses in the Defense Industrial Base as a Vice President and Director for operations, capture management, and business development.

“In my experience, almost every small-sized contractor I worked with found it difficult to be competitive because they didn’t have the budget to hire full-time core SMEs,” said Ferree about his motivation to develop the SBSaaS model. “Not to mention that the time it takes to vet a consultant or vendor for each functional area can stifle aggressive pursuits.”

US Small Business Association (SBA) data show that 71,441 small businesses received federal contracts totaling $154 Billion in 2021. Shojiki’s SBSaaS approach aims to help small businesses enter a competitive government contracting marketplace by meeting operational needs more quickly at a lower cost.

“We offer a single support contract bringing together senior-level Subject Matter Experts to solve everyday challenges with a budget-friendly cost point. We vet the vendors and SMEs and then provide the flexibility to access a catalog of services from a single agreement with no surprise costs,” says Ferree.

The Shojiki SBSaaS menu of services is a tiered array of specialties to include standard offerings of contracts and proposal support, project management, ISSO, and FSO support, cyber scans and support, Risk Management Framework (RMF), CMMC advisory, HR generalist, strategic communications and public relations, and basic website development.

Premium SBSaaS offerings include business development, capture and sales support, proposal development, process development, comptroller support, Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) and program protection planning, ISO/CMMI advisory, CMMC support, cyber-IT (hardening, configuration), cyber tier 2 (COMSEC, etc.), pentesting, cyber documentation and training, Federalization of Commercial Innovation advisory support, and SBIR development, tier 2 HR support, graphics, and CRM Advisory Support.

The US General Services Administration Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) define “Professional and consultant services” as services rendered by persons who are members of a particular profession or possess a special skill and who are not officers or employees of the contractor to enhance their legal, economic, financial, or technical positions (FAC Number:

2022-06 Effective Date: 05/26/2022). Shojiki has assembled a highly qualified cadre of employees, independent consultants, and other small businesses that understand the struggle small businesses endure for the SBSaaS model.

“This is the easy button we all have wanted for years,” says Ferree. “I was always told someone would have to be crazy to try to bring this together and offer it as an affordable single service offering, but we are doing it… I want our clients to focus on their business or innovation without being hobbled by having to manage the complexities of back-office support.”

Shojiki’s target market for the SBSaaS offering is startups to 250 employees who need additional resources but don’t have the budget to support the full-time positions. By subscribing to Shojiki’s SBSaaS, the company can operate lean, resulting in aggressive wrap rates while driving quality and trusted execution.

About Shojiki Consulting

Shojiki Consulting, headquartered in Clermont, Florida, is dedicated to individual, partner, and mission growth for the future. We help small businesses be more competitive in the government contracting marketplace with our Small Business Support as a Service (SBSaaS) model that provides a wide range of fractional support services under one contract at an affordable cost. Founded by Michael Ferree, PMP, in 2021, Shojiki is the result of lessons learned in Michael’s 25+ years working with small businesses in the Defense Industrial Base. Shojiki was founded on core values of honest diligence, logical approach, and trusted execution. See more at

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