SIMETRI, Inc., a Central Florida–based modeling & simulation company and scientific solutions provider, has signed an exclusive product distribution contract with Laerdal Medical Corp., a Norwegian healthcare company with a worldwide presence that develops products and programs for the military and other organizations. The agreement makes Laerdal the exclusive North American distributor of nearly 40 SIMETRI medical simulation training devices and simulated wounds.


“Our modular products can be used as standalone devices or to modify existing medical manikins, and we designed them with Laerdal compatibility in mind for over a decade,” said Angela Alban, SIMETRI Founder and CEO.


SIMETRI’s medical simulation technology is designed to offer repetitive training capabilities on specific critical care procedures at a minimum of cost and maintenance. Their modules are constructed to be compatible with existing medical manikins, such as Laerdal’s popular SimMan 3G. Laerdal’s North American distribution will include SIMETRI’S Complete Arm Amputation, Complete Leg Amputation, Lower-Extremity Fasciotomy Module, and some of the company’s extensive catalog of moulage.


“This partnership confirms Laerdal’s trust in the quality of SIMETRI’s products and our ability for innovation,” said Brian Holmes, SIMETRI’s vice president of business development. “It also tells us that the customers are demanding the level of fidelity that SIMETRI adds to medical manikins. This came to fruition in large part due to our diverse team of scientific experts, emphasis on cross-domain collaboration, evolving R&D and prototyping capabilities, newly expanded resources and strategic business strategy. We’re extremely proud of our team members that made this agreement possible.”


Founded in 1940 as a children’s book publisher and toy company, Laerdal became part of medical simulation history in 1960 with the invention of the world’s first patient simulator, Resusci Anne. Today, the company boasts over 1,00 employees in 25 countries and is an industry leader, producing products and programs used by EMS agencies, voluntary organizations, hospitals, educational institutions, and the military worldwide.


About SIMETRI. SIMETRI’s diverse team of scientific field experts enhances every step of critical-care training, supporting medical heroes with cutting-edge tools and curricula, and serves a wide range of clients as a comprehensive scientific solutions provider. A woman and minority-owned small business, SIMETRI creates customer solutions in-house from start to finish ‒ including R&D, prototyping, and manufacturing. They design, staff, implement, and evaluate training curricula uniquely tailored to meet each client’s demands. SIMETRI’s product line includes an extensive collection of moulage, part task trainers, and integrated software and technology.

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