SIMETRI, Inc. showcased its Smart Module Prolonged Field Care (PFC) system at I/ITSEC 2022. The PFC system, designed to support the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) SPEARPOINTS Project, integrates physical simulation modules with technology to perform SPEARPOINTS training scenarios, including physiological changes that highlight the system’s sophisticated diagnostic and response capabilities.


“We’ve had a lot of success developing modular training devices with integrated tech to modify existing manikins, so we were in a unique position to create a system for SOCOM that is as customizable as it is comprehensive,” said Angela Alban, SIMETRI Founder and CEO. “That adaptability makes it just as useful outside of the Special Operations environment, not just for combat medics training PFC but also for the broader emergency medicine population.”


SIMETRI’s Smart Module PFC manikin was developed for the SOCOM Purposed Emergency Access Response (SPEAR) Point of Injury and Trauma Simulation (POINTS) Prototype Prolonged Field Care Training Facility at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. The Central Florida based technological-solutions provider adapted a SimMan 3G medical manikin by physically and digitally integrating the company’s part-task trainers. The altered manikin includes training modules for fasciotomies, escharotomies, humeral head intraosseous infusions (HHIO), central line infusions, amputations, abdominal eviscerations and a range of special effects moulages. SIMETRI recently signed a North American/global product distribution contract with Laerdal, the Norway-based creator of the SimMan 3G and worldwide healthcare industry giant.


To emphasize the benefits of modular design, SIMETRI will be showcasing a Smart Module integrated manikin alongside their standalone desktop trainers. The manikin will be outfitted with SIMETRI leg, arm, and torso escharotomy modules; an HHIO module; amputation modules, and a fasciotomy module. Standalone desktop demo modules will include escharotomy and fasciotomy part-task trainers. The innovative technology tracks changes and physiologically responds positively or negatively to a trainee’s performance during critical life-saving procedures.


About SIMETRI. SIMETRI’s diverse team of scientific field experts enhances every step of critical-care training, supporting medical heroes with cutting-edge tools and curricula, serving a wide range of clients as a comprehensive scientific solutions provider. A woman and minority-owned small business with headquarters in Winter Park, Florida, SIMETRI creates customer solutions in-house from start to finish ‒ including R&D, prototyping and manufacturing. They design, staff, implement and evaluate training curricula uniquely tailored to meet each client’s demands. SIMETRI’s product line includes an extensive collection of moulage, part-task trainers, and integrated software and technology.

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