Team-Orlando-SimLEARN-Orlando-VA-Medical-2-w Despite the wet winter, the construction of the new VHA SimLEARN National Simulation Center is still forecasted to be completed by the end of calendar year 2015.

The SimLEARN program utilizes a train-the-trainer model to quickly and efficiently prepare a cadre of qualified instructors who can, in turn, deliver world-class simulation-based clinical training at their respective field VA sites, using standardized curricula and equipment.

The new center will serve as the operational hub for coordination of all national VA simulation-based clinical training activities, and will provide an immersive training environment by replicating actual patient treatment areas, including an outpatient clinic setting, an inpatient/hospital setting with an intensive care unit, an operating room and more. Video recording of training will take place for classroom review, and multipurpose classrooms will have reconfigurable walls to provide a number of room settings. More information is available on the SimLEARN website.


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