Innovation at Amentum

Amentum understands that innovation is key for the progress and growth of any company, enabling it to remain relevant while maintaining a competitive edge in an ever-changing business environment. However, meaningful innovation does not happen by chance; it requires careful planning, focus, and well-defined objectives and goals to ensure it meets the real and urgent needs of the customer.


Amentum encourages its employees to think at higher levels of complexity and supports lifelong learning that continually challenges existing assumptions. Additionally, our company understands how technology strengthens how businesses and teams can improve by leveraging current and emerging technologies. We continually strive to deliver better services and efficiency to our customers.


The Smart Innovation process provides a holistic, integrated, and tailored capability leveraging industry-leading expertise, processes, and technologies to deliver superior service with maximum cost-effectiveness to our customers. Smart Innovation is characterized as solutions that creatively invest in emergent technologies coupled with state-of-the-art strategies to help our customers achieve predictable, successful outcomes through modernization efforts.


Amentum’s Key Elements for Smart Innovation

We all acknowledge that innovation is imperative for businesses of any kind to stay competitive. However, innovation means more than just coming up with novel ideas, it requires doers, dreamers, and trailblazers who can influence organizations in ways that nurture cultures of innovation throughout their enterprises. There is no lack of new technologies becoming available for integration into a company’s business process, but the right ones for your business are the ones that best fit your customers’ needs.


Amentum understands that innovation should be specific, well-defined, and measurable, leaving no room for ambiguity. Establishing measurable key performance indicators (KPI) provides a quantifiable metric for tracking progress and success. This allows organizations to gauge the effectiveness of their innovative initiatives and make data-driven decisions. Ill-defined, vague KPIs make it difficult for stakeholders to focus their efforts, align with the organization’s strategic vision, or address the customer’s needs. Being specific ensures exactly what needs to be achieved and by what means.


To ensure our Smart Innovation programs are successful, Amentum follows these steps:


Assessment – Any innovation should push existing standards, it must also be realistic and achievable in the available timeframe for implementation. Setting unattainable targets can demotivate teams, while easily achievable ones might not drive significant progress. The key is finding the right balance to ensure that teams are inspired to push existing boundaries while maintaining a sense of accomplishment and delivering a solution to the customer that works.


Our team uses a systematic methodology to clearly define its customers’ problems and constantly improve its performance based on intuitive monitoring.


Stakeholder Participation – Innovation is a joint operation that involves all stakeholders and Amentum team members in the goal-setting process. This collaboration ensures that the goals reflect diverse perspectives and expertise, leading to a more robust and holistic approach while ensuring all stakeholders understand exactly what is to be done and how it is to be achieved.


Focus – Any innovation must be relevant to the needs of the organization or its customers. Goals that are aligned with the business context drive meaningful outcomes and contribute to the organization’s success. While innovation can encompass a wide range of possibilities, Amentum focuses on areas that impact a specific customer’s needs and align with their organization’s strategic objectives. Any innovation must be focused on addressing a specific issue, too many goals will dilute resources and attention.


Communication – Open communication is crucial to getting buy-in from the customer and Amentum team members. All stakeholders must understand the purpose of the innovation, thereby ensuring every individual understands their role in achieving the objectives. The keys to success include regularly communicating results, acknowledging successes, and addressing any challenges as a team to maintain momentum.


Monitor and Adapt – Implementing an innovation is not a fire-and-forget exercise, Amentum understands that it requires continuous monitoring and adjustment based on changing customer priorities. We continuously track progress, analyze data, obtain feedback from customers and others, and make necessary adjustments when required on each innovation, while keeping the customer fully informed of all issues.


What We Bring to the Fight

Enterprise Asset Management Tools


Enterprise asset management (EAM) is a combination of software, systems, and services used to maintain and control operational assets and equipment. The aim is to optimize the quality and utilization of assets throughout their lifecycle with reduced equipment downtime and operational and maintenance (O&M) costs. The value of asset management tools extends across various segments of the workplace, including work management, asset maintenance, planning and scheduling, supply chain management and environmental, health and safety (EHS), all of which lead to a healthier bottom line.


Organizations of all kinds have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of assets. EAM helps organizations track, assess, manage, and optimize asset quality and reliability. With everything connected by sensors and systems, to remain competitive companies are incorporating advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) into EAM systems.  The gathered data is analyzed using AI techniques with the resulting insights helping in making better decisions.


Amentum has seen the following advantages of using its EAM tools:


  • Work management – centralized asset information to ensure Amentum knows where an asset is, what it needs, who should work on it, and when. Automates management of planned and unplanned work, from initial request through completion, and including the recording of actuals.


  • Phases of maintenanceresolves issues before they happen. Supports Amentum’s program to move from corrective maintenance to preventive maintenance (using scheduled repairs) and predictive maintenance when repairs are made because data indicates imminent failure.


  • Monitor assets smarter – Amentum’s AI-powered EAM tool aggregates data across departments providing actionable insight into current and expected states of assets allowing for more accurate alerts and enhanced decision-making.


  • Maximize asset utilization – Using historical and near real-time data Amentum’s EAM helps track and manage an asset’s entire lifecycle, from initial acquisition to periodic maintenance to phase-out from inventory.


  • Manage aging assets and infrastructure – Amentum’s EAM helps extend equipment lifecycles through more informed maintenance.


Tele Maintenance (Remote w/VR)


Amentum defines tele-maintenance as a process providing timely and accurate information for maintenance assessments and decisions with the goal of maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of maintenance resources. Telemaintenance incorporates a wide range of functionality leveraging hands-free wearable devices capable of providing users a shared situational awareness, both visually and audibly.  This two-way communications and data capture/sharing capability allows for the provision of higher-level maintenance services by connecting more experienced, senior technicians with less experienced, junior technicians in the field. Using hands-free, Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, the remote technician can become the on-site “eyes and ears” for the senior technician.


Amentum understands that the use of VR technology in telemaintenance is a winning platform for displaying technical information, sharing higher-level technical knowledge, and repair/maintenance processes. By offering real-time situational awareness of given a task, hands-free VR devices can provide significant travel, salary, and inventory savings to the organizations that adopt them in their repair and maintenance operations. Improved efficiencies from using a hands-free, integrated device allow less experienced technicians to have immediate access to reference and repair materials and manuals, while allowing the technician to use both hands to hold the components and the tools at the same time rather than referring to printed manuals or other, larger, hand-held devices.


Telemaintenance, intelligently designed and executed also enables the near real-time sharing of maintenance updates directly to Amentum’s technicians, the user, versus relying on other training/information updates that may, or may not, reach those who need this information in time. This near real-time access to higher-level maintenance and repair processes results in safer repair activities, reducing human injuries, additional downtimes, and risk of damage to other components during the repair activities.


Digital Twins (Simulations)


Digital twins (DT) provide a virtual model of an anticipated or existing physical object, system, or process that, used in a digital version of its operational environment, allows for the study and understanding of its behavior in response to real-world stimuli. Amentum looks at the use of digital twins to support all aspects of lifecycle support services. In the development of new systems, digital twins allow organizations to model a prototype of the proposed product. Existing before there is an actual “physical” product a digital twin includes a representation of a given product, system, or process at various stages of its lifecycle including the designs, analyses, and processes that realize a fully functional physical product.


Amentum sees digital twins as particularly helpful in improving sustainability operations. Digital twins allow organizations to reduce equipment downtime through smart predictive maintenance based on real-world data. Using big data, Amentum can establish a smart logistics process based on predictive stockage levels for repair parts for a given system.


As Amentum works toward smart sustainment, it is delivering maintenance and logistics solutions that inject innovation to efficiently manage assets. Leveraging its industry-leading expertise, processes, and technology, Amentum is ensuring the availability and reliability of its government and commercial clients’ vital equipment.


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