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February 8, 2024: Ann Arbor, MI:  Soar Technology (SoarTech) Director of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Michael van Lent, Ph.D was featured on the Revolution in Military Affairs podcast released on February 5. The episode, titled ‘Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence with Jay McGuire and Mike van Lent,’ discusses human-centered AI and trust in AI.


According to van Lent, AI solutions can be described as a ‘system of systems’ that includes the AI, the human user, the task, and other systems so that the AI is one system within a larger system.

“AI itself is another series of systems like a perception system, which includes language, understanding and eye-tracking; a reasoning system; a learning system; and an action system,” he explains. “Regardless of how many systems are in place, AI is going to be most effectively deployed in support of a human decision maker.”

Revolution in Military Affairs is a podcast hosted by Amos Fox. Van Lent participated alongside HyperGiant Chief of Staff, Jay McGuire. To listen to the podcast and learn more about the nuances of human-centered AI, visit Revolution in Military website here.

About SoarTech

SoarTech is a spin-off of the AI Laboratory at the University of Michigan rooted in cognitive science and innovative multi-disciplinary research. With a deep understanding of human perception, memory, performance, learning, and emotion, the SoarTech team of scientists and engineers from leading universities integrates domain knowledge analysis and systems engineering with user design features that perform the way humans do. SoarTech’s team includes former military experts whose operational understanding of in-the-field problems leads to the development of practical, deployable technology solutions.

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