The speaker lineup is confirmed for the upcoming 5th Annual Military Virtual Training and Simulation Summit, Feb. 23-24 at the UCF Fairwinds Alumni Center in Orlando, Florida. This summit provides a forum for members of the DoD, DHS, Private Industry, Academia and other relevant stakeholders to discuss the current and future direction and utilization of virtual training & simulation technologies throughout the military services, and focuses on efforts to leverage M&S technologies across the military in order to increase warfighter readiness and help train for future multi-domain operations. Early registration period ends Jan. 21.

The 2022 confirmed speakers include Karen Saunders, SES, Senior Official Performing the Duties of ASA(ALT) & AAE; Brig. Gen. William Glaser, USA, Director of Synthetic Training Environment CFT; Capt. Dan Covelli, USN, Commanding Officer, Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division; Col. John Kurian, USAF, Senior Materiel Leader, Simulators Division, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center; COL Scott Gilman, USA, Deputy Director, U.S. Army Modeling and Simulation Office; Col. Roberto Hennessy, USA, Director, U.S. Army MEDCoE, Directorate of Simulation; and Paul Rowlett, Chief of USSOCOM’s SOF Planning, Rehearsal, and Exercise Preparation (SOFPREP) and the SOF Training Support Center (STSC).

Some of the topics being covered at this year’s summit include: Enhancing Warfighter Readiness through Research and Development of Simulation Technologies; Utilizing Modeling and Simulation to Close Lethality and Readiness Gaps; Leveraging Medical Simulation Technologies Impact on Military Casualty Care; and others.

The summit is hosted by the DSI, a premier non-partisan institute designed to assist in advancing the mission critical goals of the United States’ military and government.

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