Courtesy of ADL

xAPI-logo-graphicThe ADL Initiative will conduct an Experience API (xAPI) PlugFest on Wednesday, Dec. 3 at this year’s I/ITSEC. Participants will spend the morning learning about how the xAPI, a component of the Training and Learning Architecture (TLA), works and how it can be used to increase learning and performance effectiveness. The afternoon will be a unique opportunity for attendants to engage in xAPI-enabled system design and construction through hands-on tutorials.

The PlugFest is open to all registered I/ITSEC participants.

Non-I/ITSEC participants can register here for the Special Event, using the promotion code “PLGFST.” The $75 registration cost is technically a one-day registration for PlugFest Day, Wed., Dec 3 and includes lunch and access to that day’s events, papers, and exhibits.

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