Collaborating to save the lives of soldiers: Squad Overmatch

Last month, the Team Orlando Executive Board announced the inaugural winner of the Team Orlando Collaboration Award, recognizing Squad Overmatch Study.

obw-Squad Overmatch-2-web

Squad Overmatch took part in the Operation Blended Warrior event at this year’s I/ITSEC.

Squad Overmatch is a crawl, walk, run integrated training approach that helps train warfighters in a collective and immersive environment in the areas of judgment development, decision making, team leadership, communication skills, and the mental models that they need to draw from in stressful tactical situations.

The classroom provides the foundational skills, but Squad Overmatch allows soldiers to practice it and put it in the live environment, so they are able to develop the cognitive skills. During the entire time, there is graduated stress exposure with repetitive learning of the same material, but in a more complex environment so they can adapt to it.

Rob Wolf, project director, said, “It’s an honor to have the Squad Overmatch team selected as the inaugural winner of the Team Orlando Collaboration Award. It was always our vision to be inclusive of DoD, other government organizations, industry, and academia, but the level of collaboration and commitment of organizations that wanted to be part of this study was astounding. It was their collective commitment that has helped propel the Squad Overmatch training curriculum to its current level of maturity.”

Currently the team is implementing Squad Overmatch at USARCENT at Camp Buehring, Kuwait, with instructors and a platoon from the 3/1 Armor Brigade Combat Team (3rd Brigade, 1st Armor Division).

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Squad Overmatch getting ready to take part in a special segment of this year’s Operation Blended Warrior activity.

Although Squad Overmatch is led by PEO STRI, throughout its development, the collaboration has continued to grow, involving more than 45 combined Services, government agencies, industry and academia.

The Team Orlando Collaboration Award was created in 2016 and is given to a project or program that demonstrates the core mission of Team Orlando and exemplifies a greatness for collaboration in the area of modeling, simulation and training, ultimately working together to prepare and strengthen our nation’s warfighters.

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