This year’s Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) focus continues to grow at I/ITSEC, and will include a variety of exhibits and events including the Future Team Orlando supports iitsec-stem-2015-ALeaders Pavilion, STEM Pavilion Exhibits, America’s Teachers, Student Tours, Serious Games Showcase & Challenge, and Project-Based Learning Teacher Training.

Project-Based Learning Teacher Training

The Central Florida STEM Education Council and I/ITSEC are presenting “I/ITSEC Central Florida Educator’s Day” on Wednesday, Dec. 2 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., which is highlighted by the STEM Project-Based Learning (PBL) Workshop for teachers.

This workshop, provided by a collaborative team of expert PBL STEM instructors, engages teachers in their own hands-on learning by letting them try new lesson ideas for their classrooms, engaging them in dialogue with both PBL and industry professionals, while providing a set of relevant and accessible resources for their use throughout the year.

Attendees will complete the workshop, take a tour of the I/ITSEC floor, and then at 3 pm, in Warfighters Corner, have the opportunity to attend the presentation of the 2015 STEM Proclamation signed by Mayor Teresa Jacobs.

National Center for Simulation (NCS) Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Certification for Students (STEM booth #2771)

Exciting times are ahead for the National Center for Simulation as they kick off the first official year for the student M&S certification. It will be available online beginning in February 2016 to high school and technical school students throughout the State of Florida.

The Florida Board of Education approved the state standards for a four-year curriculum, and the certification and funding for the program under the Career and Professional Education (CAPE) Act. Students who are currently taking courses in gaming, animation, and modeling and simulation are well positioned to take the examination, qualifying them for internships.

A study guide providing further assistance for preparing to take the exam is found on the NCS website. NCS is using the CIW platform of Certification Partners to administer the exam.

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