After a great response to last year’s introduction of the Team Orlando Collaboration Award, we are very excited to see what 2017 will bring!

The Collaboration Award is given to a project or program that demonstrates the core mission of Team Orlando, and exemplifies a greatness for collaboration in the area of modeling, simulation and training, ultimately working together to prepare and strengthen our nation’s warfighters.

Last year’s winner, Squad Overmatch Study, was a true representation of what it means to work together. Squad Overmatch is a crawl-walk-run integrated training approach that helps train warfighters in a collective and immersive environment in the areas of judgment development, decision making, team leadership, communication skills, and the mental models that they need to draw from in stressful tactical situations.

Throughout the development of Squad Overmatch, the collaboration has continued to grow, involving a team of more than 45 combined Services, government agencies, industry and academia. It is led by Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation. See complete list of participating organizations here.

Eligible programs must be featured in an article in the Team Orlando 10-4 newsletter and must involve at least two Team Orlando members, but can have more members, including organizations from outside Team Orlando. At the end of each October, all eligible recipients will be presented to the Team Orlando board members for final evaluation and selection.

It’s time to start thinking about the collaborative efforts you’re involved in and to tell the Team Orlando 10-4 newsletter staff all about them! Contact about your program or project name, provide a point of contact, a brief description of your program/project, and what Services/groups are working together.

Let’s start looking at this year’s candidates for the Team Orlando Collaboration Award. The Team Orlando 10-4 newsletter is excited to share your great news!

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