The Team Orlando cyber team took a short field trip to the Global Institute for Cybersecurity and Research (GICSR) at NASA/Kennedy Space Center Complex on Feb. 3. The visit focused on how the two parties can collaborate on cyber threat intelligence, information sharing, coordinated responses, and best practices.

Dan Torgler, deputy director for the Joint Training Integration and Evaluation Center and lead for the cyber team, said that these types of opportunities are how key partnerships are formed.

“When we find common ground with organizations outside our commands that are working to solve similar problems for private sector, and they have to work with many of the same parameters, it’s extremely important for us to look at their best practices, and apply some or all to what we’re looking to achieve,” Torgler said. “There is much work to be done but if we can leverage work that is already viable, we can save time and money, something that is of value to all of us.”

The group began with introductions and then took a tour of the facility, before getting down to business, which kicked off with a discussion led by Cyber IPT member Space & Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR).

Following that, the team was briefed by several groups including the host GICSR, International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI), the Air & Space Information Sharing & Analysis Organization (AS-ISAO), and the Maritime & Port Security Information Sharing Analysis Organization (MPS-ISAO). Once the briefings were completed the group discussed potential collaboration efforts and next steps.

As the final activity of the day, the cyber team was treated to the Space Shuttle Atlantis tour.

The current cyber team is made up of representatives from the following organizations: Marine Corps Systems Command, NAWCTSD, PEO STRI, ARL, AFAMS, FLETC, Sandia National Labs, MITRE, UCF, SOF AT&L, SPAWAR, and Florida Center of Cybersecurity. The team also had a rep from Marine Corps Force Cyber Command in attendance.

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