Team Orlando, in conjunction with the National Center for Simulation (NCS), will hold a Student Day expo on February 19, 2020, from 9 am until 2 pm in the Central Florida Research Park, Partnership III Building, Conference Rooms 321A & B. There is no cost to attend or for students to demonstrate at this special event.

Student Day features high school and technical school students demonstrating modeling and simulation (M&S) projects that are of interest to the MS&T industry, academia and government.

Multiple schools will participate in the demonstrations. Over 8,000 students are taking, or have taken courses in the modeling and simulation curriculum that includes gaming, animation and visualization. This event will provide government, industry and academic leaders insight into the projects and the talents of some of the students who will become the MS&T workforce of tomorrow.

Projects to be demonstrated are integral to the coursework consistent with the State of Florida Department of Education M&S or related curriculum. Selected schools will send project teams consisting of up to six students to the event. The project teams will compete for prizes to be awarded to the schools (and students). Student Day attendees from various organizations will vote on the merits of the projects, leading to awards.

The Team Orlando M&S Student Day gives members of government, academia and industry an opportunity to witness the capabilities of today’s student and to review the initiatives in place to develop the future workforce. It provides a forum for student teams to display and present the results of their hard work. Student presentation skills will be “sharpened” for this event.
Please reserve the 19th of February on your calendar to come by and support the students and see the talent that lies ahead for the MS&T industry.

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