With a rapidly changing battle space, it is integral that Allied forces are prepared for the next generation of warfare. Effective training must align appropriately with mission sets, manage costs and optimize soldiers to their highest potential. The IDGA Land Forces Training conference covers live training approaches, interoperability, simulation and synthetic training development, and new technology that allows for the leveraging of data to elevate training performance.
Live training is still a mainstay for nations in building an effective fighting force, and the Land Forces Training conference will dive into the myriad ways different nations are engaging in bespoke training to tackle unique geographical challenges. A major challenge facing allied nations is the need for the alignment of training systems and coordination among the Joint Force across multiple domains, especially in response to the war in Ukraine and in other conflicts. The value of practicing operational alignment remote from the physical domain has many obvious advantages. However, as forces adopt new weapons systems, enhanced ammunition, longer ranges, and more accuracy, these new systems incur significant costs during training.

While the real thing cannot be fully replaced, augmenting live training with virtual, synthetic and simulated environments can be a major cost saver. Simulated and Live Virtual Constructive environments allow training to be brought to the soldier, rather than bringing the soldier to the training. As the U.S. and other partner nations further develop their virtual training capabilities, it is becoming crucial that leaders and industry manage requirements and engage in effective measurement of training efficacy.


Measurement is being made easier by technology, and data banks of information are growing rapidly, which in turn allows for better objective assessment. New measurement tools are increasingly affordable, and the training domain is becoming increasingly scientific in its approach.


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