Capital Communications has been telling the Team Orlando story since we were selected as the public affairs team in 2010. Working with military service public affairs officers and the Team Orlando board, we were honored to tell the organizations’ compelling story – all the military services, industry, and academia working together collaborating to advance, improve, and build the simulation and training industry for our military warfighters and the vertical market sectors.

The decision to work together was based on a historic Army and Navy agreement but expanded throughout the years to include all military services. Today, Team Orlando members include government, industry, and academia and it continues to evolve and change as the core members explore new ways to bring creativity and innovation to the programs and systems that prepare our military for their missions.

With its changes, our support has also changed. Our relationship with Team Orlando members remains strong and our respect for what they do has only increased throughout the years. That’s why we were motivated to find new ways to creatively tell the Team Orlando story. We are excited to be launching Team Orlando News, an independent news source for the community.

We’ll continue to query Team Orlando board members and public affairs offices to gather news stories and share them with the community. Working as an amplifier, we’ll bring you information about the leaders, key projects, collaboration efforts, and breaking news. We’ll also highlight industry stories, and we’ll offer opportunities to share additional information and messaging through paid advertisements, advertorials, and more.

We hope you’ll join us by subscribing to our newsletter, visiting the Team Orlando website, following and interacting with us on social media, and by contacting us for more information about news and advertising opportunities.

We’re looking forward to launching Team Orlando News in support of Team Orlando and the MS&T community!

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