Next month’s Team Orlando Summer Industry Capability Day presented by National Center for Simulation is quickly filling up. The event is scheduled for July 15 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and takes place in Partnership 3, Room 321 (3039 Technology Parkway).

Industry Capability Day is a great way for businesses with new or upgraded innovative products or services to share those with the Team Orlando workforce, as well as fellow industry members, creating wonderful opportunities for collaboration, networking and discussion.

For those interested, there are a few spots open and registration paperwork can be found here. The line up so far for next month’s event:

Known for exceptional customer service, product innovations, and superior performance, the Adayana Government Group has partnered with more than 50 federal agencies and businesses to solve their most pressing learning challenges, from enterprise strategies through final project execution. Leading training and consulting company.

Bugeye supplies flight simulation professionals the most accurate, realistic, serviceable and affordable products in the industry.  We strive to be the industry’s first choice in low-cost / best-value simulated hardware.

Float helps solve unique business challenges with mobile technology through the design and development of custom apps and through research.

I-SIM is a high fidelity Air Traffic Control Simulator. I-SIM accurately simulates the FAA en-route and Terminal environment. The system is used for training, airspace design and research of future concepts.

Kongsberg Gallium has been working in the Air Traffic control for more than twenty years and today provides data visualization solutions for many of the world’s air traffic management systems. We have been working with the FAA for most of our existence, development display applications, simulation and other software solutions to address the needs of domestic air traffic controllers. Our I-SIM product was developed with the FAA and is used by the FAA for continued research and development into improving the air traffic control systems in the NAS. Today it is used by the FAA, CTI’s,  Nav Canada and the U.S. Navy to train air traffic controllers, simulate air space and experiment with ATM solutions of the future.

The FAA’s Advanced Air Traffic Control Research Simulator (ATCARS), developed and built by Kongsberg Gallium, is used for evaluating NextGen display enhancements and Human Factors initiatives at the Civil Aerospace Medical Institute in Oklahoma City.

Polhemus is the premier motion measurement technology company. We have been helping customers break new ground with best-in-class 6 Degree-Of-Freedom (6DOF) electromagnetic tracking systems for over 40 years. Our product line includes the latest technology for motion tracking, 3D laser scanning, and eye tracking. Polhemus caters to healthcare, military, and research and technology markets, and our products are used in a wide variety of applications, including training and simulation, university research, biomechanics and sports motion analysis, and even on live military aircraft.

The Multi-Operator Control Room Management System (MCMS) allows multi operators access and self-arbitration of the use of a common set of shared hardware resources (PCs) – KvM Total Workflow.

By providing the world’s best virtual reality simulation training products, our company focuses on training individuals and groups of lethal force professionals, emergency services personnel, and commercial/industrial professionals in high-danger and high-complexity tasks.   Our training systems maximize natural human motion as the man-to-simulation interface and introduce little to no instrumentation burden on the trainee.   The outcome is effective, positive training that saves lives.

Full immersion individual and small group simulation using natural human motion, displayed in a wireless, HD, VR Display.

Training people for important conversations. When conversations are challenging or the cost of failure is high, we can build skills like no one else. Move past role-plays with SIMmersion’s PeopleSim™ Technology. Soft-skill development using simulations.

SimSpace is a consulting and software development company that provides efficient technological solutions in the field of engineering. Founded in 2005 SimSpace has been involved in the development of important projects associated to REAL-TIME SIMULATION:

-Proprietary driving and flight simulators.
-Proprietary flying modeling software.
-Artillery simulator for military customers.
-Flight simulation consulting.

Our objective is to use our specialization and in-depth knowledge of the aerospace sector, to develop global or partial solutions in the field of real time simulation and engineering. Featuring real-time wind server: a real-time physics based wind model software.

Innovations in adaptive and immersive learning: closing the gap between formal instruction and operational practice.

Vcom3D has developed a cloud-based social media framework (SMF) to help closethe gap between formal training and operational practice. By integrating the SMF with ARL’s Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT) and xAPI conformant Learning Record Store (LRS), we are addressing the Army Learning Concept 2015 mandate to provide training that is current and relevant. The integrated system enables deployed warfighters to continuously vet programs of instruction by identifying shortfalls in instruction relative to the current operating environment.

VDC Display Systems is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative display systems, and has provided more than 5,000 simulation and training display systems as a contractor on multiple Federal contracts to support the United States Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Navy and commercial businesses. We utilize the latest technology to develop visual systems that transform complex display requirements into reality.

Net-Centre evaluation capability module (NEM) is a mission level test and evaluation tool being used/developed at NavAir 5.4.

Visense is a veteran-owned small business focusing on providing Enterprise Visualization, Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis engineering support services and software development. Our capability focus areas include enterprise modeling and simulation, executable architectures, and complex system visualization. We also provide software application development and engineering support services in these areas.

VT MÄK offers a complete line of software to address your simulation challenges. Whether you’re developing a simple simulation scenario or dealing with complex program requirements, MÄK products are easy to use and scale to meet the full range of simulation needs.

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