By Terri Bernhardt

FLETCTeam Orlando held their June Board of Directors meeting at FLETC in Glynco, Georgia. The two day trip to FLETC’s remarkable facility allowed Team Orlando a first-hand experience of the latest training methods under the direction of the Department of Homeland Security.

The FLETC not only serves as an interagency law enforcement training organization for 90 Federal agencies, but also provides training to state, local and international law enforcement agencies. Although the organization has three domestic sites – Glynco, Ga.; Charleston, S.C.; Artesia, N.M. and Cheltenham, Md., more than 50 percent of their basic training takes place at their headquarters site in Glynco. The 1,600-acre facility has features to include classrooms, dormitories, administrative and logistical support structures and a dining hall that can serve more than 5,000 meals per day. Last fiscal year the FLETC trained almost 70,000 students.

Additionally, FLETC has both indoor and outdoor firearms ranges, driver training ranges, a physical techniques facility, explosives range, fully-functional mock port of entry, international transportation complex, cyber security and forensics lab and various other supporting the entire training effort.

During the tour, FLETC senior leadership acknowledged the value of their partnership with Team Orlando stating that their investment of $4.5 million has allowed them to leverage Team Orlando’s overall investment of $174 million dollars through.

“The FLETC has had a productive and positive relationship with TEAM Orlando for the past five years,” stated Connie Patrick, Director, FLETC. “We look forward to the fruition of this mutually beneficial partnership for not only our respective organizations, but also future students.”

Several examples of Team Orlando shared technology offered to FLETC over the years range from Avatar-based training, driving simulators, NAVAIR’s laser beam technology and RDECOM’s holograms. “We recognize the value of this partnership,” said Bill Hopkinson CTO for Team Orlando. “We (Team Orlando) hope to continue merging technologies in a more seamless environment in way that makes sense for more effective training for FLETC.”

Picture: Senior Instructor Mark Royer explains how the realism of the training facilities, like this subway train at the FLETC’s Intermodal Training Site benefits law enforcement students.

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