Members of the Team Orlando workforce came together on March 19 to support a first-in-years Central Florida SeaPerch Underwater ROV STEM competition in Orlando. Held at University of Central Florida, middle and high school students competed for their chance to demonstrate mastery of robotics as they maneuvered their unique robots across obstacle and challenge courses, in order to successfully complete this season’s mission. Teams from Brevard, Duval, Miami-Dade, Orange, Pinellas, and Seminole counties came out for a full day of aquatic-robotics fun and their chance at winning a seat at the International SeaPerch competition in May.


PEO STRI’s SeaPerch team, Robo-Knights, led by Coach Abdul Siddiqui, took home high marks earning First Place for best time for the High School Stock Obstacle Course and First Place total points for Mission Challenge Courses pool events, as well as Second Place in both Open Class Design for both Obstacle and Mission Courses!


Team Orlando’s own Gatorbytes, led by Coach Asher Sherkow, got their feet wet competing for the first time and earned Second Place for best time in the High School Stock Obstacle Course and Third Place in points scored for the Mission Challenge Course.


Best Overall went to Discovery Academy of Science’s team, Sea Bois 2 Electric Boogaloo, of Brevard County, who earned highest total points and scores for the entire day’s events and won the invitational seat to compete again at upcoming International event.


The STEM teammates made this a terrific success, from the multitude behind-the-scenes prep of reserving the aquatic facility, to building the courses, leading the training, and seeing through the day’s pool events.


Representing NAWCTSD, NAVSEA, PEO STRI, PM TRASYS, Central Florida Navy League, National Center for Simulation, Starbase Central Florida, and UCF, they served as judges, deck hands, triage repair engineers, and even designated SCUBA diver!


BZ to the entire STEM team who helped to make this happen— Tim Bergland, Steffen Camarato, Karolyn Campbell, Jeri Costello, Samanda Rivera Costello, John Emery, Noelle Francia, Patrick Healy, COL Paul Kwon, Ericka Martinez, Owen Nofuente, CAPT Matt Robinson, Charles Rosa, John Roth, Juan Sanmiguel, Asher Sherkow, Abdul Siddiqui, Lindsey Spalding, Lana Wallis, Shannon Walyus, JoAnn Wesley, Todd Westbrook, and Henry Young.

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