Surface Warfare Combat Training Continuum training efforts

By Leiah Kim, Staff Writer

Carol Ann Logue, Central Florida Tech Grove director, set the stage for a collaborative prize challenge seeking training solutions for the Surface Warfare Combat Training Continuum (SWCTC) at a Tech Grove information session, June 3.

Prize challenges enable Tech Grove’s network to connect with government clients and accelerate innovative solutions supporting military efforts. Tech Grove offers these activities to help address the specific needs of government customers prior to federal acquisition regulation.

Logue introduced Navy Cmdr. Kevin Casagrande, SWCTC director, who outlined the specifications of the prize challenge.

“We are trying to solve how we can improve training for our tactical watchstanders at sea,” Casagrande said. “Traditionally, a lot of surface Navy training has relied on classroom-based training between ship tour assignments and proficiency-based training on ships.”

Casagrande explained that current training strategies fail to provide consistent feedback on training results. This includes the sailors completing the training, the degree of implementation, and the level of complexity. According to Casagrande, current training results are vague and produce broad metrics, which are insufficient in determining effective opportunities for proficiency in tactical watch standards.

SWCTC’s prize challenge seeks to develop ideas for digitally and automatically collecting comprehensive data on proficiency and individual trainee performance metrics, from ship combat system training teams to tactical action officers, for in-depth data analytics.

Casagrande emphasized the key training requirements that solutions need to address include identifying individuals in the training sessions, the complexity of the training environment, and a comprehensive assessment of trainees’ proficiency in completing the assigned tactical tasks.

“We want to see what creative solutions the industry can offer,” Casagrande said. “We want to make sure we are considering the best options and leveraging everyone’s expertise to find the best solution to this problem.”

The deadline to submit solutions is June 14 at

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