The Central Florida Tech Grove in partnership with Team Orlando, Office of Naval Research (ONR), Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD), and National Security Innovation Network (NSIN), awarded Aptima, Inc. first place and $70,000 as the winner of the Ready Relevant Learning (RRL) Prize Challenge.  Second place and $55,00 was awarded to VPS, a V2X Company, and third place and $35,000 went to Mertis Global &


This prize challenge opportunity consisted of 17 submissions from 61 parties all with the goal of identifying solutions that address the barrier in effectively implementing Instructional Systems Design (ISD) Analysis for training military readiness and human performance.


The teams were tasked with developing proof of concept prototypes with artificial intelligence (AI) large language models to automate the ISD analysis for RRL. Each submission was then evaluated by subject matter experts from the participating DoD agencies and rated by experienced ISD technical personnel.


In addition to the cash prizes, the winners gained exposure to leaders in industry among Team Orlando as well as the DoD organizations responsible for presenting the challenge. These introductions will provide numerous connections to learn and collaborate on future developments.

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