Ternion Corporation recently recognized its 34th anniversary, and like any birthday, the occasion gave its leadership and employees time to reflect on where they’ve come from, where they are, and where they’re going.

In March 1989, three engineering colleagues left their jobs to strike out on their own. They had worked together at various times to develop and enhance government-owned computer simulations. They eventually realized their journey to create better and more capable simulations required them to go into business for themselves without government sponsorship. On April 26, 1989, Ternion Corporation was born, headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama.

Those three engineers are represented in the company’s logo and name, “Ternion,” which means “set of three.” Ternion was founded with the single technical goal of developing software that defined the state-of-the-art in computer-based simulation and make that software commercially available.

Since its introduction to the modeling and simulation industry, the FLexible Analysis, Modeling and Exercise System (FLAMES) has been Ternion’s flagship product. FLAMES is a family of commercial, off-the-shelf software that provides a framework for custom constructive simulations and interfaces between live, virtual and constructive simulations.

Ternion now operates in two divisions. The Software Products Division is responsible for the development of FLAMES, as well as marketing, sales, technical support, and training activity associated with it. The Engineering Services Division provides support to FLAMES customers through expert consultation and custom software development.

All Ternion stockholders are full-time employees of the privately owned company, which is proud of its family-friendly company culture. To maintain that culture, Ternion has actively supported employees with policies that provide for paternity leave, and a work/life balance to ensure that team members have the flexibility to care for both children and elderly parents.

As it turned 34, the Ternion family enjoyed a birthday lunch to celebrate the tight-knit, small company culture that has made Ternion successful as it continues its mission going forward.

“We are sincerely grateful to God, our employees, their families, and to all of our customers for the success we’ve enjoyed,” said Brad Spearing, Ternion president and FLAMES product manager. “We look forward to serving the modeling and simulation industry for many more years.”

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