By Dolly Rairigh Glass

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What does Team Orlando look like in 2030? That’s the question that leadership is pondering and although they don’t yet have the answers, they have an approach to developing the answers.

The Team Orlando Board of Directors is embarking on the development of a strategic roadmap, and in order to provide the best vision for the future, will depend on its members to provide input. With a draft projected for September, the Team Orlando Executive Board of Directors will review the final product at their annual November meeting.

The advances in technology are coming exponentially. Missions are changing, technology is changing and as such, the structure and resources will likely need to change.

It was almost 30 years ago the development of Research Park began and within that planning, there were important steps put in place to set the conditions for moving forward, particularly the infrastructure planning to include the Partnership I, II and III Buildings, and the ability to uphold force protection around Naval Air Support Orlando, making security a top priority.

Team Orlando has been successful and achieved desired outcomes throughout the years, but moving forward, the organization and its members must consider if they’re prepared to deal with the speed of the change that’s going to occur. Is the organization setting the conditions for continued success in the future?

In order to bring Modeling, Simulation and Training forward to be relevant, it’s important that Team Orlando be positioned and agile enough to build training systems for products that haven’t been built yet, or perhaps even thought of at this point. Through the development of this strategic vision, Team Orlando can help ensure they’re driving technology to develop the best products for our Warfighters.

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