Courtesy of NAWCTSD Public Affairs

The Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) is an organization that celebrates diversity and encourages innovative ideas to develop via diversity of thought.

NAWCTSD’s Women of Color Award recipients, Petra Robinson, Lauren White, and Cynthia Armound.

Three of NAWCTSD’s professionals, System Engineers Lauren White and Petra Robinson, along with Procurement Contracting Officer Cynthia Armound, were recently selected for the Women of Color Technology Rising Stars award, presented by the Career Communication Group.

The Career Communication Group is an organization which promotes diversity and recognizes female professionals in leadership roles who are invested in community outreach. This organization has a publication which promotes their mission of inclusionary working environments, innovative ideas for promoting diversity and community outreach. Selections for this year’s Rising Star award were nominated for their efforts in promoting science, technology, engineering and math.

Systems Engineer Lauren White has worked in the federal service sector for more than five years and participates in NAWCTSD’s STEM outreach programs. She was surprised and excited by her selection for the award. “I didn’t expect to get selected. I was in a bit of shock after reading the email. I think it’s an honor to get selected when competing against so many people,” said White. White contributes her success to having mentors and being a good communicator. “I’m really big into having mentors. I have a few here at NAWCTSD and some at Cherry Point to help challenge me and advise me on how to move forward,” said White.

With more than 18 years of federal service, Procurement Contracting Officer Cynthia Armound is the second Woman of Color Rising Star from NAWCTSD. Armound believes her career success is due to her willingness to go the extra mile. She gives credit to her parents for instilling in her at a young age the motivation to take pride in her work or any task she is given. Being in a leadership role, Armound takes pride in being respected by her peers. “I always encourage the individuals I mentor to be accountable, dependable and reliable. I encourage them to be a person of their word because in life that’s all you have,” said Armound. Cynthia is extremely honored and humbled she was nominated by a fellow peer and selected by the Woman of Color board.

Petra Robinson, Lead Systems Engineer on NAWCTSD’s P-8A Maintenance Training Programs also received recognition by the Women of Color organization as a Rising Star. She has worked for the Department of Defense for more than nine years and has served in her current role as a Lead Systems Engineer at NAWCTSD for more than two years. Robinson feels her success comes from the support of her mentors and seeking out challenging assignments that provide opportunity for growth and learning. Similar to the other Rising Star award winners, when community outreach opportunities present themselves she fully engages. She promotes the importance of STEM to local students who are interested in learning about the mission of NAWCTSD. “I tell students who visit our command to take charge of their careers and to be active participants in seeking out opportunities,” said Robinson.

In October, the selected Rising Star award winners will be traveling to Detroit, Michigan, to attend the career Communications Group WOC conference, where they will be recognized and have an opportunity to network with other professionals across the nation.

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