Special Submission by NAWCTSD

VADM W. Moran, CAPT Naylor & CDR Salvia discussing Sailor 2025 Initiative.

During a busy yet successful Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), Navy scientists and engineers showcased the research and development that is helping to build a stronger force.

Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD), Naval Air Warfare Aircraft Division (NAWCAD), Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), Office of Naval Research (ONR), Navy Research Lab (NRL), Surface Warfare Officers School (SWOS), Naval Survival Training Institute (NSTI), and many others presented their research findings in technical presentations; provided demonstrations of cutting edge technologies; and participated in Operation Blended Warrior, a live demonstration of a Live, Virtual and Constructive exercise that will help government, industry and academia begin to test and set standards for interoperability.

Team-Orlando-NAWCTSD-Impressive-Statistics-wMany of the Navy’s and Marine Corps’ senior leaders participated and provided their vision, requirements and expertise.

Gen. Robert B. Neller, USMC commandant, discussed the needs and direction of the USMC, while Vice Adm. Bill Moran, chief of Navy personnel, discussed the Navy’s Sailor 2025 initiative – Ready, Relevant Learning pillar and how they we need to look at training strategies, methodologies, technologies and policies.


VADM Grosklags and RADM Manazir receiving a demonstration of the Multipurpose Reconfigurable Training System (MRTS) from NAWCTSD’s Dave Williams & Shaun Harrison.

There were also several of our leaders who participated in Flag/SES panels to share their requirements, ideas and suggestions for direction. During their visit, they also had the opportunity to see some of the state-of-the-art technologies coming out of Navy labs, industry and academia.

The Navy operated two booths representing science, technology, and development efforts from NAWCTSD, ONR, NAWCAD, NRL, and NSTI. All in all, there were 15 Navy exhibits demonstrating the state-of-the-art and the direction the Naval Forces plan to pursue. The demonstrations sparked collaborative opportunities with other government labs, industry & academia. They also gave our senior leaders the opportunity to see the products coming out of our labs and to shape the direction of the laboratories’ future efforts.


RADM Winter (CNR), Dr. Terry Allard, SES, ONR Code 34, CDR Olde and Dr. Bolton receive a demonstration of the Capable Manpower FNC addressing LVC S&T needs.

The featured products were:
1. Multi-Reconfigurable Training System (MRTS)
2. Next-Generation Threat System (NGTS)
3. Intelligent Tutoring Authoring and Delivery System (ITADS)
4. Virtual and Constructive Representations on Live Avionics Displays (VCR-LAD)
5. Cognitive Fidelity in Synthetic Environments (CFSE)
6. Tactical Semi-Autonomous Forces for LVC (TACSAF)
7. PC-based Open-architecture for Reconfigurable Training Systems (PORTS) Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Combat System Trainer (CST)
8. Unmanned Systems – Training Experimentation and Simulation (US-TES) Laboratory
9. Squad Overmatch – Tactical Combat Casualty Care (SOvM-TC3)
10. Next Generation Normobaric Hypoxia Training
11. Naval Seamanship & Shiphandling Conning Officer Virtual Environment (NSS COVE)
12. Augmented Reality (AR) Technologies
13. Architecture Management Integration Environment (AMIE)
14. Network Effects Emulation System (NE2S).
15. Cyber Operational Architecture Training System (COATS)

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