By Nic Dezinski, Vertex Solutions


Vertex Solutions, a leading developer of cutting-edge training solutions, including virtual reality (VR) pilot training, has recently completed the delivery of the first T-6C VR flight simulators to the Colombian Aerospace Force (FAC). This delivery supports the launch of the FAC’s inaugural Virtual Reality Simulation Center, marking a significant milestone for Vertex as it represents the company’s first international sale.


Located at the Air Combat Command No.1 in Puerto Salgar, Cundinamarca, this state-of-the-art facility positions the FAC alongside the United States as one of the only entities in the American hemisphere leveraging advanced VR technology for pilot training. This significant milestone in military aviation training underscores the FAC’s commitment to utilizing innovative technologies for enhancing pilot proficiency.


The simulation center is designed to provide military pilots with a safe, cost-effective, and highly realistic training environment. Through VR, pilots can practice various maneuvers, respond to emergencies, and navigate critical situations without the inherent risks of actual flight. This technology significantly boosts decision-making skills and overall pilot proficiency, preparing the FAC’s aviators to meet both current and future challenges effectively.


Major General Carlos Fernando Silva Rueda, the FAC’s second commander and Chief of Staff, praised the simulation center, stating, “This augmented virtual reality equipment not only drastically cuts training costs but also elevates the proficiency and training level of our military pilots.”


The opening ceremony saw attendance from dignitaries across military and civilian sectors, including Major General Carlos Fernando Silva Rueda, the Brigadier General, head of the Aeronautical and Space Education Headquarters, the Director of Sales-Americas for S3 AeroDefense, and Derrick “DQ” Barton, the Chief Growth Officer at Vertex Solutions. Their collective efforts have been pivotal in bringing this project to fruition.


Vertex Solutions is honored to support the Colombian Aerospace Force in its mission to enhance military pilot training and education. By employing our VR flight simulators, the FAC is better equipped to handle realistic scenarios with confidence, thereby safeguarding both pilots and aircraft from unnecessary risks and producing more proficient pilots in less time.



“This collaboration with the Colombian Aerospace Force exemplifies our commitment to revolutionizing pilot training. We are not merely selling simulators; we are shaping the future of aviation safety and innovation. This partnership underscores our dedication to providing pilots with the best technology available today to meet tomorrow’s challenges,” said Derrick “DQ” Barton, Chief Growth Officer at Vertex Solutions.


The Virtual Reality Simulation Center will benefit not only the FAC’s military pilots but also those from military air forces across the region, fostering collaboration and shared advancements in military training.


Vertex Solutions, LLC (Vertex) is a distinguished certified woman-owned small business, boasting nearly three decades in delivering acclaimed training support services to both the U.S. Government and private-sector enterprises. Vertex’s strength lies in pioneering cutting-edge training technology, with a special emphasis on extended reality training devices. As the principal contractor for a suite of Defense Innovation Unit initiatives, including the Pilot Training Transformation, the Multi-Place Mixed Reality flight simulator, and the recently launched Virtual Training for Air Dominance program, they have successfully deployed in excess of 260 XR flight simulators, in addition to a myriad of other compact training devices, to the USAF and US Navy. At present, they are actively engaged in the fabrication of an additional 50 training devices in support of the US Navy T-6 pilot training program and another 20 devices in support of the USAF Euro-Nato Joint Jet Pilot Training.


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