The Veteran Entrepreneur Initiative will kick off its first 2022 entrepreneur cohort on Jan. 18. The course will accept 20 Florida resident veterans who are interested in starting a business. In addition, in March and April, the VEI will hold two six-week cohorts for Florida resident veterans who want to scale their existing businesses.

VEI community members have the opportunity to connect with like minded veteran entrepreneurs, access resources, and tap into tools designed to accelerate your entrepreneurial success.

Whether its launching, growing, or scaling a business, the VEI community enables veteran entrepreneurs in all stages of business development to connect with veteran entrepreneurs & business owners, business coaches, mentors and subject matter experts. Membership also provides opportunity to tap into business resources and tools designed to accelerate the entrepreneurial journey.

Cliff Ingari, CEO for STS Federal, serves on the VEI advisory board and has also served as an instructor. “The VEI is an amazing program for military veteran prospective or current entrepreneurs to help them gain a solid foundation in owning and growing a business,” he said. “I have personally witnessed the positive impacts the program has made with so many veteran entrepreneurs. The dedicated VEI staff have a virtuous mission to give back to those who serve our nation.”

VEI began as a veteran-centered entrepreneurship program in the University of Central Florida’s Business Incubation Program, when military veterans Rafael Caamaño, Ricardo Garcia, and Gordon Hogan recognized a need in the veteran business community for guidance specifically targeted for veterans with the entrepreneurial spirit.

They quickly found themselves serving a previously untapped population of eager Central Florida veteran men and women who wanted to launch and grow a business. This previously untapped entrepreneurial group of veteran men and women grew into its own thriving program, the Veterans Entrepreneurship Initiative (VEI).

The mission for VEI was clear: empower and support veteran entrepreneurs through business guidance, education and mentorship. VEI equips with a powerful set of skills including leadership, attention to detail, teamwork, striving for excellence and completing the mission, all traits that entrepreneurs must have to succeed. The VEI team set out on a mission to help veterans realize and leverage their powerful skill sets in an entrepreneurial setting.

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