ARL-2016Be sure to visit booth #315 to experience the latest in Army research and development for training. The Army Research Laboratory, Human Research and Engineering Directorate will be displaying the latest in medical simulation, augmented reality, avatar creation, adaptive training and more.


A featured project in the booth this year is using augmented reality for training with the Minehound system. ARL in a partnership with the University of Central Florida’s, Institute for Simulation and Training, developed a first-of-its-kind mobile training game for the Minehound and is expanding that application to include Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) training. The Minehound MVT2+ Mobile App provides graphically rich models and geo-specific terrain for instruction while remaining truthful to the physics in the environment and the detector’s abilities. The application, like the computer-based game, is a supplement to the manual, however, it provides an unprecedented level of interactivity that cannot be obtained using a traditional PC.

Fasciotomy Part Task Trainer

Another featured research project comes from the medical side of the division. The Fasciotomy Part Task Trainer is a prototype training capability to train military medical first responders to treat compartment syndrome, an extremely dangerous condition caused by swelling in the extremities. If untreated, compartment syndrome can build enough internal pressure to cause loss of limb and possibly death. Currently, there is no commercially available simulator that meets the military training requirements for this complex procedure.

Other Interests

During the course of the week be sure to attend one of ARL’s over 20 paper presentations including one from Dr. Greg Goodwin that is nominated for a best paper award there is sure to be a topic of interest in a variety of fields.

Finally, ARL’s Dr. Laurel Allender, HRED director,is participating as a panelist on the “Measurably Improving Mission Effectiveness with Human-Centered Technology – Leveraging LVC for Mission Effectiveness,” on Thursday from 8 to 10 a.m. in room W304CD.

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