Amphibious vehicle training system to be built by XR Training

XR Training, a fast-growing global studio of XR evangelists, developers, and industry leaders, has been awarded a production agreement through an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) with Consortium Management Group, Inc. (CMG) on behalf of Consortium for Command, Control and Communications in Cyberspace (C5) with the U.S. Marine Corps to develop a driver training system for the Amphibious Combat Vehicle.


OTAs allow federal agencies to rapidly enter into agreements with non-traditional defense contractors, such as small businesses, research institutions and nonprofit organizations.


Led by XR Training, a consortium of small businesses, including Talon Simulations, 302 Interactive, and Theory Studios in Orlando, will work together to fulfill the agreement, producing 81 simulators by the end of 2024. The companies will then be tasked with providing two-plus years of training and sustainment services.


“It is an honor that the U.S. Marine Corps has agreed that our driver training solution reached the level of quality required to solve their problem,” said Neil Levin, CEO of XR Training. “This follow-on commitment both validates our idea and demonstrates that military leaders understand the need to use XR technologies for our most sacred of tasks. That is, protecting our young Marines as they prepare to take on any threat.”


The Amphibious Combat Vehicle Training System solves the U.S. Marines’ initial task of providing volume-based training, as well as solutions that utilize the emerging technologies today’s Marines have grown up using. Combining virtual reality software with hardware that reinforces the training experience through motion and tactile engagement, the system enables soldiers to train in a realistic environment simulating real-world warfighter scenarios.


“When we first took on the challenge of developing warfighter training tools for the next generation, we knew XR would be crucial to not only creating a viable solution, but also bringing the Corps emerging technologies other industries have long been implementing to improve efficiency and effectiveness,” Levin said.


This agreement highlights the many benefits of building a team of talented small businesses to fulfill military needs through the OTA contracting vehicle.


“We are thrilled we could fulfill the U.S. Marine Corps’ request for a prototype at a quality level that convinced them to follow through with a deeper proposal,” said Robert Torres, 302 Interactive’s Customer Relations Officer. “We look forward to continuing to build alongside our partners at XR Training, Theory and Talon to deploy our region’s significant talent pool.”


“The follow-up agreement from the U.S. Marine Corps begins an exciting chapter for us as we look forward to continuing our work with XR Training to produce motion simulators at scale,” said Talon CEO Brandon Naids, whose company also provides its hardware to the theme park industry. “It’s an exciting time for Central Florida and our partnership with this group of firms.”


“Working with the U.S. Marine Corps, thanks to XR Training, allows us to leverage our skillset to help our military,” said David Andrade, CEO of Theory Studios, which has in the past worked with Disney, Universal Studios and Sesame Street. “That’s an exciting prospect and we look forward to continuing to provide the same level of quality we delivered in the prototype stage.”


Founded by Levin in 2019, XR Training, a  Columbia-based company, specializes in XR technologies that drive the development of sophisticated training systems that are portable, efficient, scalable, and trackable. The company works primarily with the Department of Defense, having built innovative XR vehicle training simulators. Levin has worked on numerous Phase I & II SBIR contracts that involved XR for the U.S. Air Force and OTA contracts for the U.S. Marines. In 2022, the company built a mixed reality, full-motion B-52 simulator that trains pilots in mid-air refueling.


Orlando-based Talon Simulations specializes in reducing the risk of implementing XR technology into vehicle simulators for entertainment centers and training institutes. Talon’s simulators combine high-quality VR, head-mounted displays, and responsive motion platforms at an affordable price point.


Founded in 2014, 302 Interactive is an Orlando-based digital media company that combines interactive design and emerging technologies to help people live playful lives. Their approach applies the principles of game design throughout the product development cycle to create experiences and solutions across areas in wellness, education, healthcare, marketing, and entertainment.


The mission of Consortium Management Group, Inc. on behalf of Consortium for Command, Control, and Communications in Cyberspace (C5) is to speed development of technologies to improve U.S. Government capabilities required to sustain U.S. military supremacy in weapon systems information technologies.


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